8 month old baby activities - New born baby blanket - Baby born with tail.

8 Month Old Baby Activities

8 month old baby activities

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Delfin (Tursiops truncatus)

Delfin (Tursiops truncatus)

Florida, USA.
Geographic Range
Tursiops truncatus is found in warm temperate and tropical oceans and seas worldwide. In waters of the United States, bottlenosed dolphins range as far north as Cape Hatteras, North Carolina in the summer and in the west to Point Conception, California. Year-round they can be found off the coasts of Hawaii and Florida.

Biogeographic Regions:
indian ocean (native ); atlantic ocean (native ); pacific ocean (native ); mediterranean sea (native ).

Bottlenosed dolphins prefer warm, shallow inshore waters. They are commonly seen in bays and lagoons, and sometimes ascend large rivers. In certain areas they range as far offshore as the edge of the continental shelf.

These animals are found in the following types of habitat:
temperate ; tropical ; saltwater or marine .

Aquatic Biomes:
reef ; coastal .

Physical Description
150 to 200 kg
(330 to 440 lbs)

Bottlenosed dolphins are the largest of the beaked dolphins. Head and body length is 175-400 cm, with males being much larger than females. Pectoral fin length is 30-50 cm, and dorsal fin height is approximately 23 cm. Width of the tail flukes is about 60 cm. Newborn calves are 98-126 cm long and weigh 9 to 11 kg. The genus Tursiops is distinguished by the short, well-defnined snout or beak which is about 8 cm long. There are 20 to 28 sharp conical teeth on each side of each jaw, with each tooth about 1 cm in diameter. Tursiops truncatus also has a larger brain than those of humans, and shows a high degree of intelligence.

Some key physical features:
endothermic ; homoiothermic; bilateral symmetry .

Breeding interval
The normal interval between calves is 2-3 years, but another offspring may be produced a year later if the first calf dies at birth

Breeding season
Bottlenosed dolphins mate in March and April.

Number of offspring
1 (average)

Gestation period
12 months (average)

Time to weaning
12 to 18 months

Age at sexual or reproductive maturity (female)
5 to 12 years

Age at sexual or reproductive maturity (male)
9 to 13 years

Males fight viciously over females during the breeding season, and a hierarchy based on size is generally established in a group of males. The beginning of the brief pair bond takes place when the male shows a preference for the swimming company of a particular female and remains with her for prolonged periods of time. The male often postures in front of the female with his back arched and also strokes, rubs, and nuzzles her. Mouthing, jaw clapping and yelping are also part of precopulatory behavior. Intromission is rapid (10 seconds, but may be repeated) and takes place underwater belly to belly when the female rolls over on her side, presenting her ventral surface to the male.

Mating systems:
polygynous .

The height of sexual activity is in March and April. In European waters, offspring are born in midsummer while births off the coast of Florida occur from February to May. The normal interval between calves is 2 to 3 years, but another offspring may be produced a year later if the first calf dies at birth. Gestation is 12 months. Females become sexually mature at 5 to 12 years of age, while males are mature at 9 to 13 years.

Key reproductive features:
iteroparous ; seasonal breeding ; gonochoric/gonochoristic/dioecious (sexes separate); sexual ; viviparous .

Lactation lasts from 12 to 18 months, but young begin to eat solid food when less than 6 months old. Mother and calf often remain closely associated until the young is 4 or 5 years old. The mother-offspring bond is so strong in dolphins that females have often been observed holding stillborn or otherwise dead babies at the surface of the water.

Parental investment:
pre-fertilization (provisioning, protecting: female); pre-hatching/birth (provisioning: female, protecting: female); pre-weaning/fledging (provisioning: female, protecting: female); pre-independence (provisioning: female, protecting: female); post-independence association with parents; extended period of juvenile learning.

Tursiops truncatus is a distinctly social species, usually traveling in groups of as many as a dozen, but they have been seen in aggregations of several hundred. Most populations do not migrate, but travel widely to find food or locate waters of preferred temperature. They swim at speeds of approximately 12 miles per hour.

Tursiops truncatus displays a wide variety of vocalizations and is hypothesized to have a complex language that people may eventually be able to use to communicate meaningfully with dolphins. Each dolphin appears to have its own distinctive whistle by which it communicates a limited amount of information on its identity, location, and condition to other dolphins. Dolphins also use clicklike pulses produced by nasal sacs in the forehead for echolocation.

From the time of the early Greeks, it has often been claimed that dolphins will save humans from drowning or from shark attacks, although

30/365 : Rediscovery

30/365 : Rediscovery

I started to unpack Max's old toys for Alixe. I'm really glad I kept almost all of his baby toys. As I unpacked each toy, it brought back so many memories of baby Max and I playing together. Endless hours of playing and cuddling.

Max was excited to see his toys. I think he remembered them. He spent about 5 minutes taking the toys out of the bin and inspecting them. Then lost interest and put them back. He told me today that they were Alixe's toys now. I can't wait until these two can play together!

When he picked up the activity board it immediately reminded me of a photo I took of him when he was 8 months old.

It also reminded me of how much my life has changed the past 3 years. The photo of 8 month old Max was taken just weeks before I first found the tea house for sale. Back then the tea house was my daily daydream and doodles in my diary. I was a stay at home mama who had no idea how fast her life was about to change in the coming weeks.

I am grateful that I took so many photos when Max was a baby. Each of them have a story behind them and looking back I remember them all.

I'm coming to the end of my first month of my Year in Photos and I am actually pretty proud of myself not missing a day. Through all the fatigue and my hectic life as a mama to two and running my own business I've found time to do this for me and I am so so so happy.

8 month old baby activities

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