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Baby Middle Names

baby middle names

    middle names
  • A quality for which a person is notable

  • A person's name (typically a personal name) placed after the first name and before the surname

  • (middle name) a name between your first name and your surname

  • (Middle Name) Middle name or names of an individual. Example is ALLEN of CHARLES ALLEN JONES JR.

  • (Middle Name) is gifted by Sikh society.

  • The youngest member of a family or group

  • A young or newly born animal

  • a very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk; "the baby began to cry again"; "she held the baby in her arms"; "it sounds simple, but when you have your own baby it is all so different"

  • the youngest member of a group (not necessarily young); "the baby of the family"; "the baby of the Supreme Court"

  • A very young child, esp. one newly or recently born

  • pamper: treat with excessive indulgence; "grandparents often pamper the children"; "Let's not mollycoddle our students!"

baby middle names - A magical

A magical place

A magical place

"A magical place" is a compilation of poems about the virtual world: the computer, the internet. The words came knocking on the author's door and in a week, she has written these lines. Let her take you to that magical place where resides pure air, freedom and blissful pain.

"A magical place" is a compilation of poems about the virtual world: the computer, the internet. The words came knocking on the author's door and in a week, she has written these lines. Let her take you to that magical place where resides pure air, freedom and blissful pain.

76% (15)

Naming Service

Naming Service

A typical Korean personal name (for example, Hong Gil-dong - ???/??? - name of a well-known fictional character) has one character for surname (Hong - ?/?), followed by two characters for the given name (Gil-dong - ??/??). Similar to Chinese names, one of the given name characters will probably be shared with family members of the same generation, though unlike Chinese names where the first character will be the "generation name" (Gil), either character (Gil or Dong) can serve that role in Korean names. (Though when a Korean moves overseas to a society with first and middle names, s/he will break the given name up into first and middle names; in that case, Hong Gil-dong becomes Gil Dong Hong, shortened to Gil D. Hong or simply Gil Hong.)

It is crucial to have a given name that not only has an auspicious meaning when written in Chinese characters, but also sounds nice when pronounced in Korean. Too often, names fail to measure up in one way or another, and modern-era parents do not like the complexities of choosing the right characters for their children's names.

And it bears remembering that not too many surnames exist in Korean society; there are only just over 200, the top three (Kim, Yi/Lee/Rhee, Park) are half the population, and the top 20 are over 90% of the population. Also, surname is non-negotiable, usually permanently fixed to that of the birth father (though since 2008, children, with parental agreement, are allowed to use the surname of the birth mother or an adoptive parent instead). As a result, setting oneself apart by having a distinctive, rare given name is very desirable (though at the risk of ending up with a name that sounds like, or means, something not so great).

This hut at Lotte World is one of thousands throughout South Korea that can assist, whether creating a name for a baby or for changing the name of an adult.

A sign to the left says as of November 22nd, 2005, any South Korean, regardless of age or gender, can change his/her given name for any legitimate reason, per a Supreme Court ruling citing "basic individual rights" and "recognition of the right to a pursuit of happiness." Such legal concepts, common in the Western democracies but unheard of in South Korea until the 1987 democratic reforms, now are an integral part of South Korea's legal system, though far-right interests (including the incumbent government) do try to chip away at them. As family elders had come up with a given individual's name, changing one's name at will is considered disrespectful, and such requests had usually been denied in the past.

Excuse me little boy, but what is your name?

Excuse me little boy, but what is your name?

No seriously… what is your name? I have been to all kinds of name websites, through the books and nothing seems to jump out at me! I think the problem is miss Makayla Elizabeth’s name. She was named about 4 YEARS before she was even conceived! I remember the exact place I was working, and right where I was standing when I heard a woman say “Come on Makayla!” Instantly fell in love! And to top it off it fit perfectly with her middle name (which is my middle name, and my moms, and my grandmas, and my aunts on the other side of the family.) Of course dad didn’t know this. We went through the baby book and marked all the names we liked, and went back through and narrowed it down, all the while my mind was made up and he really had no choice. He spotted Kayla and really liked it… I added the Ma… and we were both happy. Honestly it wasn’t till Kayla was like 3 that I told him all of this! He was CONVINCED he choose her name because he said Kayla “first.” Haha… nope… just part of my master plan buddy.

This time… different story. What I like one day I don’t like the next. What sounded cute yesterday sounds EH today. I just need to see him. Not the squished up little infant him, but the 5 year old him. Just a snap shot and I can tell you what his name is. The good part is… we have time.

baby middle names

baby middle names

Intelligent Medicine : A Guide to Optimizing Health and Preventing Illness for the Baby-Boomer Generation

The lack of needed depth notwithstanding, and even though Hoffman plows little new ground, his message for boomers just starting to face the "lifestyle diseases" ... is worthwhile, either as a reminder of or as an introduction to a health care strategy...

In recent years the health world seems to have divided itself into two camps: traditional and alternative medicine. Taken only by itself, each side can seem equally myopic. One side appears to distrust anything that isn't discovered in a lab, while the other prefers to accept faith systems over treatments that can be shown to work. Intelligent Medicine bridges the two warring camps as well as any book. While geared toward baby-boomers, the book provides an excellent once-over for anyone concerned about health and longevity. After all, baby-boomer breasts, prostates, and immune systems aren't any different from any others; they're just older than some and younger than others. Ronald Hoffman seems to go a little overboard in his recommendations of nutritional supplements for every possible complaint, but the fact that he owns a health-food store probably has something to do with that.

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