Free knitted baby patterns : Baby cradles.

Free Knitted Baby Patterns

free knitted baby patterns

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free knitted baby patterns - Nautical Knits

Nautical Knits for Kids: 25 Seashore Designs for Children Up to Six Years Old

Nautical Knits for Kids: 25 Seashore Designs for Children Up to Six Years Old

From the best-selling author of Great Knits for Kids, Bright Knits for Kids, and Classic Knits for Kids, here are 25 new nautically inspired knits for infants and for children up to six years old. A seaworthy sailor's jacket, a marine-striped baby's outfit, and a sweater bright with maritime motifs are just three of the designs in this delightful new knitwear collection from Debbie Bliss. Combining style with practicality, Bliss presents 25 seashore-inspired designs for babies and for children up to six years old; projects range from simple knits for beginners to intricate cable stitches and color patterning for more experienced needleworkers. With its charming seafaring style, easy-to-follow patterns and charts, and captivating color photos, Nautical Knits for Kids is a welcome addition to the Debbie Bliss knitwear series. Debbie Bliss is a leading designer of children's knitwear and a highly successful author. Among her books are Great Knits for Kids, Bright Knits for Kids, Classic Knits for Kids, Baby Knits, New Baby Knits, and Kids Country Knits. 80 pp 8 1/2 x 11 35 color & 26 b/w photos, charts throughout A Crafter's Choice Book Club Selection

82% (15)

knitting REVOLUTION!

knitting REVOLUTION! went really well (it ususally does). better than i ever imagined. i taught many people how to knit, college age, high school, and down to five and six year olds. i refreshed many twenties to middle-aged women who then exclaimed that they were going to go home and knit again, which they hadn't done in a long time. while i was teaching several children in a row, older german women, east indian women, asian women, and once two white girls in their early twenties just walked up and started knitting. only one person wanted to know about recycling sweaters, but really a thing like that is a one person at a time thing. it seems that you're ruining a perfectly good sweater to some.

all that in three hours.

one scarf is missing from the picture because i gave it to a young asian girl. she learned to knit from me and sat there for a half an hour knitting. she picked it up super quick. all of these other irritating little kids kept asking me how much everything cost, so in the end i gave her both the scarf and the needles. sigh. i told her that when she gets to the end she needs to start asking everyone around her if they know how to end it... i'm sure there's a knitter somewhere. she was a natural. fabulous.

overall, i love this stuff. i love that the thing that i have to teach is not about posessing, it is about movement and creativity and warmth. nobody could complete a whole scarf in that amount of time, so there's only the stitch to teach, the memory of a motion to pass on- a motion passed on through the generations by many before me who i am indebted to.

people who like to knit, like to knit. i kept seeing the same women eyeing the table... just wanting to be knitting. community scarves are amazing because people are free to experiment and do whatever they want... just enjoy the knitting without the pressure of getting anything done to wear. i highly highly highly recommend it. it has been a blessing in my livingroom.

that said, i think i'll start being available at the thrift store on saturday mornings for a couple of hours to teach and help community members with knitting projects. the problem with western culture is that there is never the public space for things like that to happen. this festival is a one shot deal once a year to come in contact with your neighbors... where does that leave you the rest of the year?

sorry for the rant. i'm beat and excited. reminds me of why i have education certification along with my english and art degrees. xxoo cosy

Knitting big crazy version of moss stitch

Knitting big crazy version of moss stitch

This pattern requires you to basically do the following :
Cast on 20 stitches
Row 1. Knit 2, Purl 2, repeat
Row 2. Knit 2, Purl 2, repeat.
Row 3. Purl 2, Knit 2, repeat
Row 4. Purl 2, Knit 2, repeat
Repeat Rows 1 through 4 until the end.

A knit stitch is when you push the needle in your right hand behind the needle in your left hand.
A purl stitch is when you push the needle in your right hand in front of the needle in your left hand.

Note : At the end of Row 2, you should finish with 2 purls. When you turn the needle around, it will look like two knits. Row 3 requires you to go against the pattern (to do the opposite of what you've done in the two preceding rows), so you know you need to purl.
Likewise, at the end of Row 4, you should finish with 2 knits. Turning it around will show 2 purls, so you know you need to knit!

If you get stuck, and are not sure how to recognise your knits and your purls, count your groups from the middle of your knitting, to the outside. The ones that stick out are groups of purls :) If you have neat knitting on the edge, you can count from the bottom up too :)

free knitted baby patterns

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