Baby Platypus Pictures

baby platypus pictures

  • The Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a semi-aquatic mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania. Together with the four species of echidna, it is one of the five extant species of monotremes, the only mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young.

  • OPAL (Open Pool Australian Lightwater reactor) is a 20 megawatt (MW) pool-type nuclear research reactor that was officially opened on the 20th of April 2007 at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) Research Establishment at Lucas Heights, located in South Sydney,

  • small densely furred aquatic monotreme of Australia and Tasmania having a broad bill and tail and webbed feet; only species in the family Ornithorhynchidae

  • A semiaquatic egg-laying mammal that frequents lakes and streams in eastern Australia. It has a sensitive pliable bill shaped like that of a duck, webbed feet with venomous spurs, and dense fur

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baby platypus pictures - Swim, Little

Swim, Little Wombat, Swim!

Swim, Little Wombat, Swim!

Little Wombat is back! Award-winning author and illustrator Charles Fuge--whose Sometimes I Curl Up in a Ball sold 106,000 copies and charmed critics and children alike--has created a new adventure for his ever-popular character. It's a fun-filled tale about discovering new friends and appreciating others' differences.

Fans of Charles Fuge's Little Wombat will rejoice at the adorable creature's return--and at the introduction of an appealing new friend for his hero. And what an unusual animal Platypus is: he waddles when he walks, has a funny fuzzy face, and most special of all, can swim just like a fish. Little Wombat would love to do that too. But are wombats meant for the water...or is he better off staying on dry land?
Every child who has ever eyed the swimming pool nervously will happily follow Little Wombat's success.

Praise for Sometimes I like to Curl Up In a Ball!
"With a repertoire of comic expressions worthy of Nathan Lane...[t]his book from a British duo is silly to the core, but it is also a pointed paean to the power of unscheduled play."---Publishers Weekly

"This book celebrates the world of a preschooler with verve and excitement...Wombat is buoyant and darling, charming and fun."--School Library Journal

81% (11)

Under Daddy's Watchful Eye

Under Daddy's Watchful Eye

From the archives: So I'm getting ancy because I haven't been able to schedule a model shoot of late, so I'm digging up old pictures I've not put up. I have a slightly different framed color shot of this that I uploaded when I first joined Flickr. I also shot this in b/w and never put it up. These are my first two babies, Platypus, on the left, and Kiwi, when they were two months old.

I had just rescued them from the ranch where they were living wild about a week earlier. I had carefully prepared myself for new kittens by buying an Iams Kitten kit, a bunch of kitten books, a litter box and supplies and this 6-foot tall cat tree. The platform is on top of a carpet-covered 4x4 -- by which I mean the board and not a vehicle, just so we're clear -- that drops down about three feet to a darling little house that rests on four other 4x4 legs that are each about 18 inches tall.

I was TERRIFIED that the kitties would fall off the platform as they learned to climb it, so I covered the floor around the cat tree with pillows. This was the first time they had both managed to surmount Mt. Cat Tree, and they celebrated by collapsing, triumphant and exhausted.

Daddy stood there, proud as a peacock, for two hours while they snoozed, wishing the platform had railings or life jackets or parachutes.

Last Picture of 2010

Last Picture of 2010

I owe you guys a tag... Promise I'll do it later! Sorry I haven't been on here much lately, I feel like I've been ignoring you guys :(

M ay and Jenny HarleyQuinn the HenchWench Pirate Deatheater both tagged me! Check out their photostreams :)

1) I think that Vic Fuentes is pretty decent looking.
2) My favorite book is The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
3) I like owls a lot. The necklace that I am wearing in this has an owl and a key on it. I got it from Pac Sun.
4) New years really don't feel that new. I don't get what the big deal is. It's nice to have it as something to look forward to until it really happens, though. (Not saying that my New Year's Eve wasn't good.)
5) I'm craving ice cream. Like really bad. Gonna go crai :(
6) I'm going to see Bright Eyes at Radio City Music Hall like four or five days after my 18th birthday... Winnnnnnn!
7) Also, I am going to see Max Bemis in February. Adkl;ajsdjfl;ajsdfjkkl;ajsd;fla;jjdfl;ajf!
8) I bought a brand new film camera from a thrift store the other day, can't wait to use it forreal.
9) When I get my own place, I want a baby porcupine, a kitten, a corgi, and a husky.
10) I didn't know until the other day that platypi are poisonous :(

baby platypus pictures

baby platypus pictures

TY Beanie Buddy - PATTI the Platypus

These days Patti the Beanie Buddy is fabulous in fuchsia, but as her tag reads, "Patti the Beanie Baby was one of the original nine. Patti was available in both maroon and magenta!" (The Beanie Buddy is the larger version of the Beanie Baby.) In contrast to her fuchsia body, her beak and feet are covered in a shorter-napped fabric of mango yellow. She's got plastic eyes and a shell made from 100 percent Tylon, a Ty Inc. exclusive manmade fabric that has the most luxurious feel you'll find on a plush toy. This platypus's insides consist of polyester fiber and PE pellets in a cloth bag. She makes a wonderful toy or addition to a collection. Surface wash only. --Peggy Etra

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Baby Pools

baby pools

  • (pool) join or form a pool of people

  • (pool) an excavation that is (usually) filled with water

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  • The youngest member of a family or group

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  • A young or newly born animal

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"Baby Pool"

"Baby Pool"

My kiddos went swimming today in this tiny pool with their cousins. They also did the slip and slide. It was so much fun that us adults wished that we could have joined in too. Look at this baby face. Precious, you know it.

Mom and baby in pool

Mom and baby in pool

Full time Mom, Part time coach giving Jane her first swim lesson. The last time she will ever be in a bikini.

baby pools

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Exotic Baby Names From Around The World - Ready To Use Baby Formula

Exotic Baby Names From Around The World

exotic baby names from around the world

    baby names
  • The most popular given names vary nationally, regionally, and culturally. Lists of widely used given names can consist of those most often bestowed upon infants born within the last year, thus reflecting the current naming trends, or else be composed of the personal names occurring most within

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exotic baby names from around the world - BellyLady Exotic

BellyLady Exotic Tarantella Pants ROSERED

BellyLady Exotic Tarantella Pants ROSERED

Color: available in black and rose red.
Material: 100% chiffon
Size: Waistline: approx 26.7 inch (68cm) to 35.4 inch (90cm)
Trousers length: approx 37.8 inch (96cm), from hip to hem (suitable for 165 to 175cm)

** Match many kinds of dancing costume.
** Soft and comfortable to wear. Mainly use for belly dance.
** Absolutely perfect and comfortable for performance dance.
** Sheer and elegant you will be the Diva of the dance when you don this pants.
** Enjoy and feel the glamour as you twirl and whirl in this tarantella pants.

79% (11)

HOUSTON — Familiar Spirits, new collaborative work by Matt Furie & Aiyana Udesen — 03/20

HOUSTON — Familiar Spirits, new collaborative work by Matt Furie & Aiyana Udesen — 03/20

Familiar Spirits
new collaborative work by Matt Furie & Aiyana Udesen

Opening Reception Friday, March 20, 7–9pm
Exhibition runs March 21–April 19

A familiar animal is an aide to a witch or a magician, and is commonly pictured at the side of his or her master. Familiars can take many shapes from cats, owls and bats, to more exotic species such as miniature schnauzers. They are helpful around the house; they keep things tidy and make a good BLT. Most also have a fun-loving, mischievous side, and have been known to be a longtime source of inspiration for artists. Aiyana Udesen and Matt Furie have harbored a constant and yet undiscovered fascination for these creatures for years, and for their show at Domy they began an intentional collaboration themed around familiar spirits.

"In some cases one will start the piece with a character, and the other adds a familiar spirit. We also may hand the piece back and forth, one adding a head and the other the body, background, etc.," Udesen explains. The resulting drawings and paintings are weirdly tender depictions of beast and animal partnerships. The relationships forged are at once unexpected and recognizable, possibly causing the viewer to ask the question: "Who is my spirit animal?" or perhaps: "Have I fed the cat today?" Udesen and Furie reveal that they are "creating our own new world in these drawings," and it is seemingly a world that values trust, friendship and color, flavored with a healthy dose of wonderment. In addition to the exhibition, the two plan to publish a series of zines on the same subject.

Aiyana Udesen and Matt Furie live together in San Francisco, CA. They're currently watching dvds of the television series "Supernatural". Aiyana has been researching pet rats and we're planning on adopting two baby girl rats in the near future. The baby's names are "Indy" and "Foxy". Matt enjoys sleeping in, making smoothies and is currently reading "Phoenix DAWN vol. 1" by Osamu Tezuka.

Exotic Footware

Exotic Footware

Exotic footware to suit some tastes....seen in the Grainger Market, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

exotic baby names from around the world

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Favors For A Baby Shower - 15 Inch Baby Doll Clothes.

Favors For A Baby Shower

favors for a baby shower

    baby shower
  • The following is a detailed account of each episode plot during the course of the six seasons of Sex and the City.

  • In some countries, a baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the parents at a party. The term "shower" is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is "showered" with gifts.

  • "The Baby Shower" is the tenth episode of the second season of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, and the show's fifteenth episode overall.

  • Overgenerous preferential treatment

  • An attitude of approval or liking

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    for a
  • “FOR-A” is a brand name for professional broadcast video and audio equipment. Founded more than 35 years ago and based in Japan, FOR-A has spread globally, with subsidiaries in America, Canada, Korea, Italy, and England.

  • product to qualify for a refund, all products must be returned in its original condition, including the original packaging, containers, documentation, and accessories. We encourage you to measure your pet accurately as possible as we cannot exchange or return any products that have been used.

Baby Shower Cookie

Baby Shower Cookie

Cookie to be wrapped up as a favor for a baby shower. Shower colors of purple and yellow. Letter "P" for Paitlee, the baby girl to come.

Baby Shower Cookie Assortment

Baby Shower Cookie Assortment

Cookies I used as favors for the baby shower. Not a big fan of the purple on the sheep :\

favors for a baby shower

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Feeding A Baby A Bottle

feeding a baby a bottle

  • (esp. of an animal or baby) Take food; eat something

  • eating: the act of consuming food

  • (fed) Federal: any federal law-enforcement officer

  • (fed) Federal Reserve System: the central bank of the United States; incorporates 12 Federal Reserve branch banks and all national banks and state-chartered commercial banks and some trust companies; "the Fed seeks to control the United States economy by raising and lowering short-term interest

  • Give food to

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    baby a
  • (Baby A's) Baby Acapulco's, a popular Mexican restaurant to get margaritas—better margaritas than food, but try it for yourself.

  • Used in reference to heavy drinking

  • The contents of such a container

  • a glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped

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feeding a baby a bottle - Philips AVENT

Philips AVENT Natural Feeding Bottle, 11 Ounce, 3 Pack

Philips AVENT Natural Feeding Bottle, 11 Ounce, 3 Pack

The Philips AVENT BPA-free 11 ounce natural feeding bottle with medium-flow nipples promotes the health and comfort of your baby. Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or combining the two, this AVENT feeding bottle supports your choices. Developed using extensive research and clinical trials, this BPA-free bottle is proven to reduce fussiness and colic. The bottle has an 11 ounce capacity and an extra-soft silicone medium-flow nipple with three holes, making this bottle ideal for large-sized feedings. This bottle comes in a pack of 3.

79% (6)

Double Ended Baby Bottle c. 1950s

Double Ended Baby Bottle c. 1950s

"The Cleanest Feeder", a double ended bottle not for feeding two baies at once, but with a teat on one end, air could be regulated through the other. However, although not in a position to confirm it myself, I am assured that as one of twins, we were fed with one of these with a teat on either end.

Feeding a baby Tiger

Feeding a baby Tiger

Feeding a baby tiger in Sri Racha Tiger Zoo Pattaya Thailand.

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is a zoo in Pattaya, a city in the Chonburi Province of Thailand, about 60 miles from Bangkok. The zoo claims a population of 200 tigers and around 10,000 crocodiles, the largest such populations in the world.

feeding a baby a bottle

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